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Posted on 23 June, 2022 in School Programs

Beyond the Classroom: The Arts

The lights dim, the audience chatter fades, and the curtains open on A Night at the Museum by Larrakeyah Primary. Our whole school production for 2022. This term, students are preparing for an exciting performance extravaganza coming in Term 3.

As the excitement builds, each class is learning a specific dance to be performed on the professional stage at the Darwin Entertainment Centre.

For parents and friends of the school who attended last year’s production of Mulan, you’ll remember the spectacle, costumes, lighting, and performances that make our productions a fantastic experience and thrill for all.

Above: Larrakeyah Primary School students perform Mulan at the Darwin Entertainment Centre in 2021.

Night at the Museum promises to be such an event and more. This year, we’re pleased to welcome students from our sister school in Schenzhen, China: The Bay Academy. Students from The Bay Academy will be participating in one of the dances through video on the night; a new first for our school productions.

The Arts at Larrakeyah Primary School

The school production is a key example of how our programs extend beyond the classroom to provide students with new opportunities and experiences.

In the classroom, students learn both technical skills as well as the exploration and expression of stories and themes through different mediums such as dance and music.

For example, this term music was a key focus across all year levels. Younger students developed music appreciation and aural skills through the study of the classical piece Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students started this term by learning about different music genres and their origins and influences, as well as the instruments and performers who characterised and pioneered them. Then, in the second half of the term, students studied music notation and the composition of music.

Art forms and mediums

Throughout the year, students across all year levels study and practice different forms and mediums of the arts including:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Visual Arts
  • Media Arts

Students gain an appreciation for each medium and experience different styles, genres, and approaches to each in exploring concepts, communication, movement, and meaning.

The Arts is an integral part of our STEAM focus at Larrakeyah Primary. Beyond art theory, students have the opportunity to practice and explore creatively with the support of technology. For example, in Media Arts students integrate modern communication technologies to interpret and tell stories about people, ideas, and the world around them.

Learn more about The Arts Program here.

Beyond the classroom

The Arts program at Larrakeyah Primary provides students the opportunity to engage in a variety of forms and mediums. Beyond the classroom, students put on a whole school production each year that brings their learning together in a spectacular performance. This year, we’re all looking forward to our rendition of A Night at the Museum.

This term we’ve explored how our school programs integrate and go beyond the classroom. Take a look back at:

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