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Extra-curricular Activity Program

About the Extra-curricular Activity Program

Larrakeyah Primary School offers an exciting Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) Program. This innovative and holistic program is designed to enhance classroom learning by expanding the curriculum and helping children develop new skills and interests. The ECA program provides students with the opportunity to challenge themselves, enhance their learning and achieve in a variety of contexts. Our school mission statement is strongly embedded in this program:

"We instil life- long learning through high standards, high expectations and high achievement."


When does the program run?

The ECA Program is an afterschool program that runs from 3—4pm one afternoon each week. Each term, a diverse range of activities is offered which fall into three categories: Knowledge, The Arts and The Physical. Not all activities are offered every term and not all activities are offered to both age brackets.

What activities can my child do in Term 4, 2018?

This term there are On-line registrations only for the Extra-Curricular Activity program. 

Registration Procedures are:

  • Online: go to and type in the code cy66r and enter your information. You will only need to put in your No. 1 preference. When the student limit for the activity is reached you will have to select a second preference. Bookings are open now.                         Notes and Conditions for Parents in the ECA Program. ECA_Registration_Information_Letter_Term_4_2018

Ball Skills

Ages 5-13

Cost: $130

Australian Rules, Rugby Union and League, Touch Football, Soccer, Netball, Basketball- these are some of the most popular sports played in Darwin and the rest of Australia. Many of these sports require similar skills and thought processes to be able to play. In this activity, students will learn passing, throwing, kicking, catching, evasion and decision- making skills along with having a great opportunity to have fun and compete with other students after school. They will be doing sports/ games they may have encountered previously or which are very new to them.

Instructor: Josh Bentes


Ages 5-8 

Cost: $130

From Grand Plie to Grand Jete ! Introduction to Ballet is for students with an interest or passion for classical ballet. No prior dance experience is necessary as students will learn fundamentals of ballet; the importance of warming up; position; terms; origins and stories of ballet.

Instructor: Chrissa Skandaliaris

Bollywood Dancing

Ages 5- 8

Cost: $130

Bollywood dance is about storytelling and the dance style itself is a fusion of a whole lot of different dance types including belly dancing, hip hop and classical Indian dance. Children will get to experience a range of dance styles that come under the umbrella of Bollywood, including bhangra, gidda, jhoomar, garba and kathak. Bollywood dancing is an energetic form of exercise that can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health, all while having a lot of fun. Dance can also help to alleviate fears related to performing in front of an audience.

Instructor: Rachita Jain


Ages 5-13 

Cost: $200 Sports Vouchers can be used for this activity.

This program will provide students with a positive approach to Tennis at introductory or extension levels. They will learn tennis related fundamental motor skills and participate in modified tennis games, all in a fun and safe environment. Teamwork will be a big focus throughout the program and sessions will include skill activities, games and modified matches. This will lead students on to playing competitive tennis.

Instructor: Provided by Gardens Tennis Centre

3D Art and Craft

Ages 9- 12

Cost: $130

Students will explore 3D art and complete 3 pieces of work across 7 weeks: papier-mache sculptures, Plaster of Paris sculpture, collage art piece on Canvas. Students will work with Air Dry Clay, Craft Paper, PVA Glue, Plaster of Paris, Small canvases. 

Instructor: Tammy Telley


Ages 7- 13 

Cost: $240

New to the ECA program! Squash is an exciting, fast paced, ball sport played by two or four players in a four walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. Squash can be played at any age. It is easy to learn (but difficult to master). Research has proven that squash improves children's sociability, motor skills, eyesight and much more. In this activity students will be taught the basic skills of this sport- serving, racquet strokes, shot making, court movement and rules. Each week students will travel by bus to the wonderful, new squash centre at Marrara for instruction by experienced players in air- conditioned comfort.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) 

Ages 6-13

Cost: $130

In this new, exciting and challenging Activity students will be introduced to many science, technology, engineering and math's concepts through accomplishing specific tasks, solving problems and building models, Students will learn to create electrical circuits to power a variety of objects that they create, They will learn levers,  pulleys and gears. In STEM kids will create solar cars, burglar alarms, moving  collages, a pinball game and a key guitar.  


Ages 7-13

Cost $130

Another new activity in the ECA program! Chess is a two-player, strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered game-board with 64 squares arranged in an 8x8 grid. The game is played by millions of people worldwide. Participants range in age from the young to the old. In this activity students will be taught the basics of the game: how the different pieces move; how to setup the board; how to attack and capture your opponent's pieces whilst protecting your own. They will play against each other in competitions to develop their skills and strategizing.

Golf Tuition  

Ages 6- 13

Cost: $240 Sports Vouchers can be used for this activity

Become the next Greg Norman, Jason Day, Karrie Webb or Minjee Lee!!! In this new and exciting activity you will be taught the skills of golf. Sessions will start with a short functional warm up then there will be a series of Golf and functional movement activities that students will rotate through. Over the course of the 8 weeks students will touch on what the NTIS call their 7 fundamental movements skills. Push, Pull, Hinge, Brace, Rotate, Lunge and Squat. Combining these movement skills with golf skills we aim to provide the student with a series of fun learning stations that will alterate over the course of the 8 weeks. Weeks 4 and 8  we will aim to have the group out on the golf course to playing a couple of golf holes. 

Instructor: Darwin Golf Club Proffesional, Kurt Watts

Ice Skating

Ages: 5- 13

Cost: $240 Sports Vouchers can be used for this activity.

Have you ever wanted to skate or play ice hockey? Want to try it out? Or do you wish to develop your skating/ ice hockey skills further? Darwin Ice Skating is very pleased to advise that it has engaged the National Sport Academy (NSA) Hockey to help establish a strong and reputable ice hockey program at the ice rink, based on the successful Learn2Play ice hockey program developed by NSA. In particular, John Kennedy Jr, Director with the NSA, will be directly involved, bringing his experience and renowned playing and coaching skills to the Top End. This is really an exciting development for Darwin - the emergence of a new ice sport. Ice hockey is skilful, fun, great for fitness and building friendships.  

Instructor: Darwin Ice Skating Centre Coach.

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