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Reading Programs - PM and Literacy Pro

About the Reading Programs

PM and Literacy Pro Reading Programs have been operating at Larrakeyah Primary School for many years. The information below will provide you with an understanding of how the programs work and how students transition through the programs. Students in Year 3-6 who have achieved PM reading level 25 will participate in the Literacy Pro Reading Program. Literacy Pro is a research- based, online assessment resource that provides teachers with evidence- based data, so they are informed when making teaching/ learning decisions to develop their students into successful, proficient readers. It uses 'real' books which literacy experts agree are best for developing reading success in children.

PM Reading Program

This Reading Program begins in Transition and once the students reach Level 30 (in most cases by the time they reach Year 3) they move into the Literacy Pro Reading program. The PM Reading program is split into 30 levels. Teachers use these levels to inform their Guided Reading groups around instructional levels of reading. An instructional reading level is the level at which a child needs the support from a teacher. This is the level where students are introduced to new vocabulary.

Independent reading level

Students also have readers that are levelled according to the PM scale to take home on a regular basis. The readers students bring home are aimed at their independent reading level. An independent reading level is the level at which a child can read a text on his/her own with ease.

Benchmark reading assessment resources

To complement the reading program we have the PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resources which have been designed to explicitly assess students’ instructional and independent reading levels using unseen, meaningful texts. This assessment provides a baseline for all readers within our school to be appropriately levelled. Consistent testing is required when using any structured system. At Larrakeyah Primary School we have developed clear procedures and systems to allow this to take place on a regular basis. Students are tested each term.

Literacy Pro Program 

Students initially complete the online Lexile test which determines their Lexile Reading Measure. The score they achieve indicates the level of reading which when matched to a book of the same or similar level, the students would competently be able to read and comprehend. Students are guided towards texts that will challenge but not frustrate them. The Lexile test is repeated in weeks 1 and 6 of each term which enables both teachers and students to track the student’s reading progress.

After completing the Lexile Test, Literacy Pro generates a list of suggested books to read based on their reading level and interests. Students can choose to read a book from this list or select a different book from the Lexile section of our School Library within their Lexile range.

Assessment and Quizzes

Once students have finished reading their book they take an online multiple choice comprehension quiz on Literacy Pro consisting of 10 questions about the book they have just read. Students must score at least 7/10 on the quiz in order to pass the book and are then rewarded with points, providing them with greater motivation to continue to read independently. It is expected that students will read at least one book every 2 weeks or 5 a term and quizzes are to be completed after each book is read. Quizzes can be completed either at school or at home but Lexile tests must be completed at school, as it is crucial that the Lexile Reading Measure reflects the student’s independent reading ability. Our school has a special Literacy Pro Page to which only Larrakeyah Primary students can log into and parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s progress. Please note that all quizzes won't be attached to novels, quizzes will have a 'Q' on the front.

Early Childhood Progress

Early Childhood Students progress through the reading levels when completing Transition to Year 2. When students move from Early Childhood into Middle/ Upper Primary, they will continue in the PM program until they successfully obtain reading level 25.

Key features of Literacy Pro

  • Assesses reader ability and comprehension.
  • Informs teachers and students about performance compared to norm- referenced data.
  • Develops readers through the provision of appropriately challenging texts, quizzes and feedback.

Log on to Literacy Pro

Complete reading quizzes with your child at home. Each student has their own log on.

More information

Learn more about the Literacy Pro Reading program.

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