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Posted on 09 February, 2023 in School Insights

​How Larrakeyah Primary is working with parents to support student learning

Larrakeyah Primary School works hand in hand with parents to support student learning, both in and out of the classroom. Our initiatives and tools mean that parents stay informed and involved in their child's education.

Seesaw and Parent Information Sessions

We use Seesaw (a learning platform tool) to connect the classroom and home, and keep everyone on the same page. With Seesaw, teachers can easily assign tasks, share updates, and give feedback to students. Through this secure and private platform, parents can view their child's work and communicate with teachers regularly.

Additionally, we hold parent information sessions that help parents understand what's happening in the classroom and how they can support their child's education.

Whole School and Class Newsletters

We keep parents informed with whole school newsletters that come out every two weeks, and include important dates and events, as well as insight into what's happening in the classroom. For example, our Visible Learning section shows parents what students are learning and how they're demonstrating their understanding. Each class also sends out termly newsletters with information on the topics and curriculum areas being covered in the coming term, along with contact information for the teacher and any special class requirements.

Semester Reporting and Three-Way Conferences

At the end of each semester, we deliver comprehensive reports on student progress and achievement, covering their strengths and areas for improvement – especially in key learning areas like English and Maths. These reports also include next steps and suggestions for ways parents can support their child's learning at home, like activities for practising multiplication tables or reading more at home.

Additionally, we hold three-way conferences that bring together teachers, students, and parents. These conferences provide an opportunity to discuss progress and identify ways to support student learning. Giving everyone a voice is how we foster strong communication and collaboration between those critical to each student’s development and academic success.

Dedicated to Supporting Student Learning

At Larrakeyah Primary School, we are dedicated to supporting student learning and working with parents to achieve it. Through Seesaw, parent information sessions, newsletters, reports, and three-way conferences, we are forming a strong partnership and providing pathways to excellence.

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