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Posted on 15 December, 2022 in School Programs

Transition pathways: Supporting students through their schooling careers

Part of fulfilling our school motto, Pathways to Excellence, is supporting students as they transition from one stage of their schooling career to the next. From childcare into preschool, into their first years of primary school, and beyond students and families are supported through each milestone. Discover how Larrakeyah Primary welcomes new families, supports students through their time at the school, and paves the way to middle school.

Childcare to preschool

A different environment, different people, and a world of new things to explore; the move from childcare to preschool is a big step for both students and parents. Rather than a steep step to climb, our transition initiatives make the move an easier bridge to cross.

It begins in the childcare centres. Preschool teachers visit the two childcare centres in the area to speak with students and help them become familiar with what preschool will be like.

Information nights for parents are held in Term 4 each year to help parents and families prepare for the new year. These sessions cover teaching practices, school timetables and routines, and even the logistical considerations for attending preschool – like what to pack for lunch.

School tours are available to families considering sending their child to Larrakeyah Primary for preschool. With an Assistant Principal, the tour walks through the school to highlight teaching approaches, philosophies, and unique programs. This is a fantastic way for families to get a real feel for the school.

Upon enrolling in preschool, teachers meet with every new parent to understand and build a connection with the new families joining the school community.

Preschool to early childhood and primary school

Having preschool and primary school on the same grounds makes the transition to early childhood school years gradual and smoother.

On Fridays, preschool students have the option to play in the playgrounds and classrooms of the ‘big school’. This, and other initiatives, helps them become familiar with the whole school before they transition to Early Childhood.

In Term 4, those students who are transitioning from preschool to Early Childhood also begin to attend Early Childhood assemblies. This acclimates them to the routines of the coming school year, and lets them share in the successes of their future classmates.

In addition to initiatives for students, clear communication between teachers at different stages of schooling is key to creating continuity. For example, our preschool teachers prepare ‘Transition Statements’ for each student. These statements are passed to Early Childhood teachers to give them insights and context into their new class.

Beyond primary school

Through partnerships with middle schools in the area, we prepare students in Year 6 for the next stage in their education.

Throughout their final year at Larrakeyah Primary, students develop a clear sense of what the next year holds. For example, students and the Year 7 coordinator from Darwin Middle School visit Larrakeyah Primary to share their experiences and answer questions.

Additionally, Larrakeyah Primary teachers hold transition readiness sessions to address the students’ hopes, and any trepidation, about moving into middle school. These in-class discussions form invaluable feedback that’s shared with parents.

One of the big changes in moving to a new school is the new student community. There are lots of people to meet. Throughout their final year at Larrakeyah, students meet with the Year 6 students from Ludmilla Primary School. A large portion of students from both schools graduate to the same middle schools, and this provides an opportunity to form new friendships in a more familiar environment – before both groups of Year 6 students transition.

Finally, in their last term at Larrakeyah Primary, students attend full day orientation sessions at neighbouring middle schools. In these sessions, Year 6 students can meet their new principal, school leaders, teachers, and participate in activities in their new school environment.

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