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Posted on 23 March, 2023 in School Insights

Listening to Students: How Larrakeyah Primary School Takes Students’ Opinions Seriously

Larrakeyah Primary School prioritises listening to our students, taking their opinions seriously, and implementing changes based on their feedback. Today, we put a spotlight on two key initiatives that showcase how we value our students' voices: Student Surveys and the Student Leadership Team.

Student Surveys: A Pulse on Student Wellbeing

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Twice a year, Larrakeyah Primary School conducts surveys for our students, aiming to assess their social and emotional wellbeing. We design these questions to be easily understood by our students, ensuring that we receive accurate and insightful responses.

We analyse the collected data at a leadership level and use the findings to shape our programs, address any concerns, and provide feedback to our students. By taking this approach, students feel heard and we reinforce our commitment to valuing their opinions.

For example, our QUEST Program has been shaped by student feedback from its beginning. Each year, as students investigate their chosen area of inquiry, we listen to their feedback on the program and what they’d like to learn about next. This informs the industries and areas of interest that are made available to students in following years.

Student Leadership Team: Empowering Future Leaders

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Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) plays a vital role in gathering student feedback and empowering young leaders. Each member of the SLT collects issues and ideas from their classmates, which they later discuss in SLT meetings. These meetings serve as a platform for developing strategies to address student concerns and make improvements throughout the school. Suggestions and proposals from the SLT are presented to the school leadership and board for consideration and action.

SLT members also participate in annual leadership training, equipping them with the skills needed to become effective leaders and best serve their classmates. Through this training, students learn how to address situations and take an active role in shaping the school and their learning environment.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

At Larrakeyah Primary School, we believe that incorporating our students' voices is crucial for creating a positive and engaging learning environment. Our commitment to listening to their opinions and making improvements based on their feedback demonstrates how seriously we take our students' needs. Through initiatives like our Student Surveys and the Student Leadership Team, we continue to foster a supportive and educational environment where students thrive academically and personally.

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