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Posted on 22 June, 2023 in School Improvement

Personal Learning Goals: Empowering Every Student to Achieve Excellence in Literacy and Numeracy

At Larrakeyah Primary School, we believe that every student can successfully learn and recognise that everyone has their unique strengths and areas to improve. Through Personal Learning Goals, students take an active role in making consistent progress in Mathematics, Writing, and Reading.

Understanding Personal Learning Goals

Personal Learning Goals are targets that students choose for themselves in the course of the academic year. This process encourages students to actively participate in their learning, focusing on areas of improvement, and develops their independent and self-directed learning skills.

Implementing Personal Learning Goals

Across Mathematics, Writing and Reading, teachers and students work together to pinpoint an area of improvement. Based on mutual agreement, the student sets a target for themselves and works towards achieving it. This collaborative approach promotes student agency and ownership while ensuring they’re always appropriately challenged and supported to successfully learn.

When a student believes they've achieved a goal, they discuss it with their teacher. If both agree that the goal is accomplished, their accomplishment is recognised and the student identifies their next target to work towards.

Personal Learning Goals and Student Outcomes

In the classroom, the continuous cycle of setting and achieving goals and celebrating success helps students to build confidence, fosters a love for learning, and motivates them to keep improving.

Beyond academics, students develop life-long skills such as their ability to:

  • make informed decisions
  • self-direct their development
  • break down large tasks into manageable steps or milestones, and
  • understand the value of setting and achieving goals in all areas of their lives.

Personal Learning Goals are part of our strategic improvement plan to drive outcomes in Literacy and Numeracy. By setting their own targets, students are empowered to take control of their learning journey and collaborate with their teachers to set expectations for themselves and achieve excellence in Mathematics, Writing, and Read, while also developing valuable lifelong skills.

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