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Posted on 09 March, 2023 in School Insights

​How Larrakeyah Primary educates students to communicate safely and respectfully online

It is more important than ever that students understand how to behave appropriately and safely whilst online. At Larrakeyah Primary School, we run dedicated ICT initiatives that focus on digital safety, online behaviour, and communication, so that students learn how to access and use the internet and digital tools safely and responsibly.

Through our ICT initiatives, we aim to educate our students on the importance of being respectful and responsible whilst online. In a safe and secure environment, we teach them about the importance of digital citizenship, protecting themselves, and how their behaviour online can impact others.

Dedicated ICT Program

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Our term one program presents age-appropriate content that allows all students to interact in a fun and safe manner while learning how to behave appropriately whilst online. Through this program, students are given the knowledge and tools to help them understand what is and isn't appropriate to share online, how to communicate safely, and how to protect themselves and others when accessing the internet both on and off school grounds.

Digital Agreements

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The Digital Agreement is a vital component of our ICT program, which all students must agree to before using devices, such as their iPads. The agreement outlines the rules about how to be safe online, what information they can and can't share, and how to use the devices correctly. Through the digital agreement, and its supporting materials and class discussions, students learn how to use their devices safely and take those skills home with them, where they can apply best practices to their personal and family digital devices.

Safe Internet Access

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The NT School's Proxy Network provides students safe access to the internet at Larrakeyah Primary. The proxy network has two parts: the blocked network and the unblocked network. Anything on the blocked network is off-limits to the students, and they are not able to access it. However, the unblocked network allows students to safely browse the internet as it has been checked and secured by the NT Government. This means that students are protected from potentially inappropriate content whilst online at school, while maintaining access to the useful tools and information the internet offers.

Developing lifelong practices

Our ICT initiatives are designed to be engaging and interactive, allowing our students to learn in a fun and safe environment. Digital literacy will influence the success of students throughout their academic and professional careers. In addition to digital technology skills, providing them with the tools they need to navigate the online world safely and conduct themselves responsibly prepares them for the future.

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