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Posted on 07 February, 2019 in School Programs

On the Road to Whole School Participation in our Extra-Curricular Activity Program

In Term 1, 2019 almost 30% of Larrakeyah Primary School students will participate in the Extra-Curricular Activity Program (ECA Program); a significant increase on last term.

Each term, we deliver a variety of activities (different every term) for students to experience. This term, students had the choice to participate in the following activities:

  • Ball Skills
  • Tennis
  • Lego Engineering and Simple Machines
  • Ice Skating
  • Make Do Construction
  • Curious Scientists
  • Just Dance!
  • Young Tones

Young Tones, a Forerunner to Establishing a Larrakeyah Primary Choir

An added benefit of introducing new activities each term is the ability to test and gauge interest in new developments at the school.

Young Tones is a new weekly singing activity. Each week students will learn a new song and new singing techniques with instructor Anna Potts.

The success of the Young Tones extra-curricular activity will help the school determine the potential success of forming a school choir, which would open the door to creating school events, community events, and add a new dimension to student learning.

ECA Program Continues to Enhance Student Development

As we reported last year , the benefits of the ECA Program extend far beyond the skills learned through the activities; including developing higher self-esteem, confidence, and learning essential life skills.

In addition to learning:

  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership and public speaking
  • Analytical and creative thinking
  • Goal setting

Students also learn how to better manage their time, establish priorities, and make long-term commitments.

Time Management and the Ability to Prioritise

As students progress into the workforce, early development of time management skills will equip them to better manage tasks in their careers and at home.

Within their studies, the ability to balance school, homework, extra-curricular activities, and duties at home will help them make better decisions and prioritise important tasks that lead to academic success.

Developing Responsibility and an Appreciation for Long-Term Commitments

Working together with other students within the ECA Program fosters responsibility and an appreciation for long-term commitments.

Engaging in an extra-curricular activity means students develop a sense of responsibility to their peers (rather than just their teachers), and understand that they’ve made a choice to commit to something they’re passionate about.

Growing the Extra-Curricular Activity Program

The Larrakeyah Primary leadership team are thrilled with the growth of the ECA Program and are committed to growing it every term. The hope is that we experience the day when the entire student body is participating in the ECA Program, and all students have the opportunity to develop new interests, friendships, skills, and enhance their social and intellectual growth.

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