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Posted on 23 September, 2022 in School Programs

New Aspire Program: Expanding QUEST across Larrakeyah Primary School

QUEST is a Larrakeyah Primary School innovation that brings together 21st Century Skills and inquiry based learning concepts to Year 5 and 6 students through real-world projects.

Our school has been recognised internationally for our achievements with QUEST, most recently being shortlisted as a Top 3 school in the World’s Best School Prizes award. The only Australian school to be shortlisted as a finalist.

In 2023, we look to expand the unique opportunities provided by the QUEST framework to all year levels. Next year, the new Aspire program will be introduced. Aspire brings the same principles of QUEST and makes them accessible to Early Childhood and Middle Primary students.

QUEST: an innovative approach to learning

The QUEST program provides students with project-based experiences where they can learn and apply new skills and practice the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning in real-world contexts. QUEST is a practical way to expose students to a wide range of industries that may influence future career interests.

In QUEST, year 5 and 6 students investigate a question, such as “how do local events become news stories?” and “how can new technology be used to aid in solving crimes?”. Students then develop projects to explore concepts and discover answers to their questions.

Above: students create bird shelters to protect local species while educating visitors about their impact on the area.

Industry professionals are regularly brought in to assist students with their inquiries, provide context, and insight into what it’s like to work in their chosen field.

In 2023, the QUEST framework will be extended across all year levels through the Aspire program.

Aspire: Bringing QUEST to Early Childhood and Middle Primary students

Aspire is a new program that adapts the principles of QUEST for earlier year levels.

With Aspire, each year level will select a question to investigate over a 5 week program. To support student learning, industry professionals will be brought in to assist, guide, and inspire students as they explore and develop solutions. We also hope to make excursions part of the Aspire experience.

The 5 week program will conclude with an Aspire Expo, where students present and share their experiences and findings. Parents will be invited to attend.

Pathways to continued success

QUEST and Aspire recognise the importance of preparing students for careers in roles that may look very different to today – or may not exist yet. By sampling different industries, students learn and practice core skills that will remain relevant over time (such as the 4Cs) and develop passions that help forge their path through secondary and tertiary education and beyond.

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