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Posted on 23 February, 2023 in School Insights

How Larrakeyah Primary manages behaviour to create a safe and respectful learning environment

At Larrakeyah Primary School, we are committed to creating a safe and respectful learning environment for all through setting clear expectations, establishing positive relationships with students, providing a range of support mechanisms, and understanding the needs of different learners.

Care and conduct at Larrakeyah Primary School

We have implemented a whole school Care and Conduct Policy, which outlines the rights of students and staff to learn and teach, and the right of all individuals to express themselves.

Our approach to behaviour management centres on establishing a sense of trust and safety in the classroom, developing students' emotional intelligence and skills, and creating a community where students thrive both academically and personally.

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Managing behaviour in the classroom

One of our primary focuses is on building positive relationships in the classroom. At the beginning of each school year, teachers collaborate with students to establish a set of classroom expectations that are clear and relevant to them.

Visual supports and classroom routines ensure that all different types of learners are supported, and strategies like zones of regulation and mindfulness sessions help students understand their emotions and the effect they may have on their behaviour.

Additionally, we have a set language that is used and understood across the school for the behaviour structures of remind, warn, and act. This helps to ensure that all of our students have a clear understanding of the expectations and that they are consistently communicated.

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Supporting students, teachers, and parents

Creating connections with our students is crucial. We believe that by establishing long-lasting relationships with our students, we can establish trust and a sense of safety and security in the classroom.

We also provide a range of support for students with additional needs. This includes providing assistance in the classroom and additional support outside of the classroom when required.

Finally, we also support parents both administratively and emotionally in understanding and working through challenges their children may encounter. We understand that this can be essential to meeting a student's needs both at home and at school.

A safe and respectful environment for all

At Larrakeyah Primary School, we are dedicated to creating a safe and respectful learning environment for every member of our school community. By fostering positive relationships, clear expectations, and a range of supports for students, teachers, and parents, we ensure that all of our students can succeed and thrive at school.

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