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Posted on 06 April, 2023 in School Insights

​Embracing Diversity: How Larrakeyah Primary School Celebrates Cultural Backgrounds and Languages

At Larrakeyah Primary School, we recognise the richness that diverse cultures and languages bring to our school community. We are committed to nurturing a sense of belonging among our students while fostering appreciation for their unique backgrounds. We accomplish this through a number of exciting initiatives and programs that celebrate and value the cultural diversity of our students and families.

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Religious Instruction and Harmony Day Celebrations

Religious instruction is available to students, allowing them to explore and deepen their understanding of their beliefs and those of others, and creating a supportive environment for all.

Additionally, our annual Harmony Day celebration invites families to share their culture and traditions with our school community. This special event helps students to learn about and appreciate the many cultures that make up our vibrant school.

Teaching Chinese and Partnering with International Schools

Our school offers a comprehensive Chinese program for students from transition to year six. We also maintain partnerships with international schools, exposing our students to global perspectives and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

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Harmony Month at Larrakeyah Preschool

Larrakeyah Preschool dedicates an entire month to celebrating the diverse cultures and traditions of its students. Each child is given a special day to share their flag, country, and fun facts with their classmates. Families are encouraged to contribute traditional food and share stories about their heritage, creating a sense of pride and belonging for everyone involved.

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Encouraging Language Sharing in Early Childhood Programs

Larrakeyah Primary School is committed to delivering programs that cater to students from different backgrounds and cultures. By ensuring an inclusive learning environment, we empower our students to feel valued and respected for their unique heritage.

For example, in the Early Childhood year levels we provide opportunities for students to share and teach their native language to their peers through our “Show and Teach” initiative. This inclusive approach fosters an appreciation for linguistic diversity and allows students to learn about the unique backgrounds of their classmates.

A Sense of Belonging at School

Larrakeyah Primary School is dedicated to valuing the cultural backgrounds and languages of all students. By implementing inclusive programs and events, such as Harmony celebrations, we aim to cultivate a welcoming environment where students feel a sense of belonging and pride in their heritage. These efforts not only enrich our school community but also prepare our students to embrace and appreciate the diverse world around them.

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