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Posted on 24 July, 2019

Writing Focus- Year 4/5 Smart

Chaos in Looful

The rain was pouring down heavily in the tropical island of Looful, which was strange for

the usually bright and sunny paradise. The citizens of the island, the Loofers (clueless

creatures), often enjoyed paddling in the crystal, clear waters and climbing the lush green

mountains. However, the largest mountain, Mt Amber, had been rumbling over the night,

much to the confusion of the Loofers.

Some of the Loofers were murmuring about the old myth that there was a dragon deep at

the bottom of Mt Amber. ‘’Could it be true? Is the myth of the dragon actually real?’’

whispered a Loofer.

‘’Of course not, you silly goose! Dragons don’t exist!’’ butted in another voice from afar.

‘’How do you know, Extravegenlouis?’’ questioned a Loofer, ‘’If you’re so smart, why don’t

you go find out what the rumbles are?’’

‘’Yeah, go on!’’ egged on the others.

‘’Fine! I’m the bravest, smartest, and strongest out of all of you!’’ boasted

Extravengenlouis. ‘’I’ll get to the bottom of this!’’ So he packed his sword, put on his cape

and chest-plate, and stormed off towards Mt Amber.

As Extravagenlouis marched up the mountain, he began to sweat. This was a problem

because his chunky, chest-plate made out of cardboard began to break apart, and the

silver paint began to drip. His cape (which was actually a blanket), was becoming too hot

and heavy. He tried to use his toilet roll sword as a walking pole, but it soon started to

crumble under his weight.

Suddenly, the mountain roared into life and the earth shook like a stampede of elephants.

Mt Amber was erupting. Red lava burst up into the stormy sky, lighting it up. A cloud of ash

covered the small, tropical island. Extravagenlouis’s jaw dropped and he stood in terror,

every limb shaking.

In a panic, he dropped his heavy cape and crumpled sword and sprinted down the volcano

like a headless chicken. As he reached the town, he slipped behind the crowd of Loofers

huddling in fear, and took cover in his tin castle. He dived under his bed, sucking his thumb

in distress.

Chaos in Looful

Last term Team 4/5 worked together to jointly construct a narrative. We

worked on it each lesson focusing on different parts of a narrative and

language features. We hope you enjoy our story.

The Loofers were paralysed with fear. ‘’Goodness! Where’s Extravegenlouis?’’ one of

them shrieked.

‘’He must’ve perished in the explosion!’’ another cried.

‘’We’re doomed!’’ they exclaimed.

All of a sudden, a shiny, blue creature stupendously shot out from the ocean.

‘’D...d...d...DRAGON!’’ the Loofers screamed. The dragon, taking little notice of the

Loofers, flew directly towards Mount Amber. Her scaly stomach shined an icy blue. She

opened her ginormous mouth and breathed a freezing crystal fire right into the heart of

the volcano.

The Dragon’s fire ice immediately chilled the lava. She continued her attack until the

lava cooled and became cold, hard rock. In no time at all, all that could be seen coming

from the mountain was a small puff of steam.

The Loofers stood still in amazement, gazing up at the dragon who was circling Mt

Amber. One of them whispered, ‘’Well, that was impressive.’’

‘’Extravgenlouis was wrong! There is a dragon! An ICE dragon! We will call her Blue

Diamond’’ another announced. They all cheered and chanted.

Blue Diamond turned swiftly towards the town, performing celebratory backflips in the

sky. She flew directly over the Loofers and straight towards the tin house where

Extravegenlouis was hiding. With a quick flip of her purple tail, she tore down the walls,

exposing the little man under his bed. The Loofers turned and laughed, ‘’Some hero you

are!’’ one of them said. ‘’Yeah, you’re just a scared, little fraud!’’

Extravagenlouis began to get up. BANG! ‘’OUCH! STUPUD BED!’’ he cried as he held his

head in pain. His face was red with embarrassment and his eyes began to water. ‘’I

HATE YOU ALL!’’ he moaned. He pushed through the crowd, running off into the


‘’Good riddance!’’ the Loofers cheered happily. Blue Diamond winked at the group of

Loofers and peacefully glided over the town and dived back into the water. The town

and its civilians were safe...for now.

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