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Posted on 24 July, 2019

Visible Learning- Year 3 Plevko


Pip Squeak!

I woke up one morning and I looked cute!

I went outside and I played the flute!

Oh, sorry didn’t I mention that I was a fluffy little Bar-ba-loot!

A Bar-ba-loot is basically a bear.

Oh how I wish I could fly up in the air just like those Swomee-swans.

Oh those orange quaking Swomee-swans.


The Street of the Lifted Lorax.

One sunny morning in a forest far, far away live me, a brown Bar-ba-loot. Hey, don’t go away I’m here to tell you a story. So sit. Alright, my name is Bob and I live in a Truffula Tree forest. Truffula trees are the most beautiful trees with their soft touch that feels like silk and has a sweet smell like buttery milk.


The Lorax (but Pip Squeaks perspective)

Hi, I’m Pip Squeak. I live in a beautiful forest with Truffula trees, grikle grass and Swamee-swans that sing melodious songs.



I open my eyes and stretch my arms, ahh, today is the most amazing day ever! OK, lets get on with it. Hey! Do you want to see this? This is a Truffula tree it is as soft as silk, it’s the softest tree ever.

-Mai Chi

The Lorax (Lorax’s perspective)

Hi! I’m the Lorax and here’s my story…

One bright beautiful day when I was relaxing I suddenly heard a loud CHOP! Followed by a sudden WHACK! Ending with the unmistakable sound of a tree falling down.


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